Sharee McIntyre

Is a registered Clinical Hypnotherapy practitioner under the General Hypnotherapy Standard Council (GHSC) who draws on her own experience, working intuitively from the heart, to offer bespoke healing treatments tailored to your specific needs. She offers an in-depth healing for optimal well-being, incorporating different therapies to provide a truly unique healing experience. She discovered Hypnotherapy and NLP whilst on the search to overcome trauma and weight loss and was delighted with the results - from then on, she wanted to share these wonderful techniques with others.


  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • (Btec) Diploma in Advanced Health & Social Care
  • BSc (Hons) Social Psychology

What is HypnoBirthing®?

HypnoBirthing is a philosophy and a comprehensive birth education programme which teaches you and your birthing partner simple, yet specific self-hypnosis techniques to help you experience a calmer, more comfortable birth. Going back to basics instinctive birthing, as all mothers do in nature. In HypnoBirthing birth is looked upon as a natural expression of life, that helps mothers release fears and can experience birth without pain.

HypnoBirthing helps women discover the art and joy of learning to call upon your own natural birthing instincts, by using your body's own natural relaxants- it is based on the belief that severe discomfort, stress and fear does not need to be a natural accompaniment of birthing.

When a woman is properly prepared and trusts her birthing body, a very normal, natural process takes place that brings birthing back to basics, as historically was for all mothers in nature. It's a philosophy about utilising the brain and neuroscience, focusing solely on the mother and the birthing partner by cultivating respect to help you bring your baby into the world in a calm and gentle manner. The programme helps you and your birthing partner take responsibility in your own birth, feel educated, prepared, more confident, and calm about your birth.

You have the power as a woman, within you to connect with your body to have an instinctive birth; a woman is endowed with the ability to call upon a neurological, physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual response to birth, without the necessity of external devices. "A healthy woman, carrying a healthy baby, experiencing a healthy pregnancy should be able to experience an instinctive birth."

You and your birthing partner will be supported on your journey with education on child birthing. You will be taught self- hypnosis, special breathing techniques and visualisations. You will be given the skills to release any fears and be given the ability to trust your body. With HypnoBirthing you will not be in a trance or sleep state, you will be fully awake, aware and fully in control- just in a deep state of relaxation to bring your baby into the world in a calm, safe, more comfortable environment and even more joyously, in a shorter length of time without the need for unnecessary intervention and Active labour management.

About Sharee

In 2006 I studied access to Midwifery then specialised in Mental Health Nursing and Social Psychology. My time working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist has helped me support many women with fears, stress relief, confidence building and relaxation. When I was pregnant my hopes and dreams for a natural birth were quickly dismissed by health care professionals, and as many other women, my birthing experience was tuned in to a medical event, which resulted in immense pain and trauma.

My heart and soul told me that there must be another way. I felt unsupported and alone in my journey to motherhood. This is what stems my passion, as I know there are so many other women in need of education, support and self-care during one of the most important times of our life.

My life lessons, career, and compassion for women’s mental health has led me to specialising, helping women and their families at this wonderful time.

What does it entail?

Either one to one sessions or small group sessions held for 5 weeks commencing at 24 weeks. Each session lasts two and a half hours.

Groups are small so places are limited. Please book your place early.

Ring Sharee on 07931255730 or Millburn on 02870321332 for more details.

HypnoBirthing® advantages

  • A programme accredited by The Royal Collage of Midwifes (RMC)
  • Be taught by a certified Hypnotherapist and Childbirth education facilitator
  • Deep levels of relaxation to eliminate fear that causes tension and thus pain
  • Studies show that after you undertake these classes you are able to shorten your first phase of labour
  • You reduce the need for medical interventions & surgical births
  • More rapid recovery
  • Gives your birthing partner an integral role throughout the pregnancy and birthing
  • You can experience better sleep through-out your pregnancy
  • Helps you keep oxygen supplied to baby whilst birthing
  • Experience a calm, natural comfortable birth
  • You will be more alert and in control during and after your birth
  • You will have increased confidence for you and your partner
  • Helps teach women breathing techniques that allows her to gently bring her baby in to the world by gentle breathing rather than violence or psychical forced pushing
  • visualisations to carry with you forever
  • Taught self-hypnosis and gentle massage techniques for partner
  • Special birthing positions

Additional 1:1 Hypnotherapy is also available to support you with

  • Creating additional numbness
  • Sustaining A Healthy pregnancy
  • Morning sickness
  • Birth Trauma
  • Post Natal Depression
  • Breach baby
  • Parents of premature baby
  • Smoke free pregnancy
  • Elective caesarean
  • Increased sperm count
  • Drug free childbirth
  • Pre IVF
  • Healthy eating during pregnancy
  • Baby bounding