Joanne Kennedy

Joanne works at Millburn offering Natural Facials and Indian Head Massage. She believes in the therapeutic benefits of her treatments that leave her clients feeling and looking good. As certified yoga instructor Joanne can offer advice on postural and breathing techniques to compliment her therapies.

Indian Head Massage

Imagine how relaxed you would feel after a massage starting on your back and working all the way up and around your head. There are superficial points on your head that when activated by massage, have a profound effect on your sense of relaxation and well -being. If you love that head wash at the hairdressers this is much, much better and lasts much longer.

Indian Head Massage is a complementary therapy that balances the body, mind and spirit. It is a seated massage that promotes health and well-being, rebalancing the body through times of stress or illness. It encourages healing of a plethora of illnesses and prevention of their re-occurrence, including migraine headaches, sinusitis, muscular pain, eye-strain, tension, stress and anxiety, at the same time as improving the texture and condition of the skin and hair.

A treatment is not restricted to the head only, massage is also performed on the back, neck, shoulders and arms - Not only a physiological, psychological and spiritual necessity, but also a real treat!

Zen Facials

Holistic Zen Facial is a muscle release process based on the philosophy that the face is a connecting link between the body, the mind, the spirit and emotions.

Holistic Zen Facial

Never heard of a zen facial. You haven't lived. This is a truly wonderful experience brought about by the magic hands of Joanne. No lotions or potions needed. Simply an hour of very gentle facial massage that has the result of plumping up the collagen in the face and really brightening the eyes. You can feel so refreshed and clear after this therapy.

What is it?

This treatment is a muscle release process based on the philosophy that the face is a connecting link between the body, the mind, the spirit and emotions.

Zen Facial is a gentle yet powerful technique that releases the stress locked in the face, head and neck, via a soft rhythmical touch. Meridian lines and reflex points are stimulated to balance the body and mind for an holistic result.

No invasive equipment or products are used during this process. Your Zen Facial is a massage combining a blend of healing techniques. The fingertips work through the face releasing old emotions and blockages.

How will you feel?

During this facial massage you will sink into a deep meditative state giving your body a safe environment in which to heal. The rhythmical touch stimulates the connective tissues of the face where the collagen and elastic fibres are stored. This creates improved blood supply and lymphatic flow, as well as facilitating the removal of harmful cellular waste products.

Will I notice a difference?

The accumulated effect is an ‘uplift’ - you will begin to see improved muscle tone and shape, skin texture and colour, as well as the possible reduction of fine lines.

Treat yourself to a blissful journey from head to toe and enjoy the natural beauty that radiates from within…In the East beauty has long been considered as a reflection of a person's physical, mental and spiritual health. You may have noticed the state of a person's well-being simply by looking at their face.

For further information or to arrange an appointment, please call 02870321332 or 07834229123.


“After each zen facial, my whole head felt light and clear. My eyes were brighter and I just felt really good. It wasn't just my face, my whole body felt great.” SE