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    Millburn Complementary Therapy Centre

    Health and well-being

    Let us inspire you to be the best you can

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    Why are we the clinic of choice for hundreds of people from all over Northern Ireland?

    We offer a unique experience by having many therapies under one roof
    All our therapists are experts in their field
    You will receive quality, expert treatment, in a peaceful, calming environment
    Each of your treatments will be individualised for your unique needs
    We follow a natural body/mind approach for healthier outcomes
    We have a loyalty card scheme that covers every therapy, offering you a free treatment when your card is full
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    Enjoy the calm and relaxing atmosphere in our centre, where your health needs come first

    Accept a new you that is empowered to make healthier decisions
    You can feel free to ask for advice. We are here to help you find solutions
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    Relax and recharge with one of our therapies

    Feel calm and empowered in your life
    Allow joy into your everyday world

Millburn Complementary Therapy Centre Health and Well-being

Enjoy a new, recharged you that can look at life from a new, healthier perspective.

We are a unique Centre as we have many therapies all under one roof. This allows us to get the best possible solution to your problem as sometimes it is a mixture of treatments that can bring about the best results.

Millburn is a professionally run clinic, where all the therapists are experts in their own field.
We want to help you discover a path to health and well- being. Sometimes, that means referring you to another therapist within the centre who may be better suited to help with your particular problem.
Getting you well is our priority.

We have a loyalty card scheme that is very popular and allows clients to get a free treatment for any therapy after their 10th visit.

Loyalty card

You can relax and enjoy a full treatment, completely free with our loyalty card scheme. Maybe try a therapy you haven't experienced before. Each time you pay in full for a treatment, you will be given a stamp and when you have 10 stamps on your card, you are then entitled to a free treatment worth £35 with our compliments. This is a real opportunity to try something different.

The scheme works across all therapies in the centre.