Peter McPherson

Dr Peter McPherson is a Western Medical Herbalist and Member of the British Herbal Medicine Association. Having worked as both a Doctor and Medical Herbalist, Peter can help provide a valuable link between conventional and complementary medicine. He has a particular interest in heart health and men’s health, but is happy to help with all types of illness. Peter can prescribe a range of herbal medicines in the form of tinctures, syrups, creams and tablets, depending on your condition. In addition, he can provide access to a large range of private blood tests, including fertility, thyroid function and heart health. To book an appointment, contact Millburn or email info@mortarandpestlebotanicals.com


  • MA (Hons)
  • MB ChB
  • PhD
  • MRSC
  • Member of the British Herbal Medicine Association

Why Use Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine can be a useful way of supporting your health and well-being using plant-based medicines

Not sure about herbal medicine? Think about this: which is better, a Vitamin C tablet, or a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice? Hopefully, most people would say the orange juice because it contains a range of vitamins and minerals that aren’t found in the purified Vitamin C tablet. We think about herbal medicine in the same way – plants contain lots of useful things that aren’t always found in purified medicines.

At the herbal medicine clinic, our approach to patients is very simple: if we can help, we do. If we think the condition needs treatment from your GP, we will always say this upfront. We always take into account treatments you are receiving from your GP or specialist and are happy to provide any information they may require to ensure your safety.

Remember, herbal medicine is not the same as homeopathy or Chinese herbal medicine. Our approach is based on Phytotherapy, using as many native plants as we can.

What Can We Treat?

Traditionally, herbal medicine is used to treat long-term (chronic) conditions including:

  • Skin problems (acne, eczema, psoriasis etc.)
  • Mild allergies (e.g. hayfever)
  • Indigestion and acid reflux (GORD)
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Women’s health (fertility, menopause etc.)
  • Men’s health (fertility, enlarged prostate etc.)
  • Anxiety, panic and mild depression
  • Muscle and joint pain (e.g. arthritis)
  • Sinusitis
  • Mild to moderate high blood pressure.

Short-term illness such as ear ache, coughs and colds also respond to herbal medicine. We can also provide herbal first aid for minor wounds, sprains and bruises.