Sharee McIntyre

Is a registered Clinical Hypnotherapy practitioner under the General Hypnotherapy Standard Council (GHSC) who draws on her own experience, working intuitively from the heart, to offer bespoke healing treatments tailored to your specific needs. She offers an in-depth healing for optimal well-being, incorporating different therapies to provide a truly unique healing experience. She discovered Hypnotherapy and NLP whilst on the search to overcome trauma and weight loss and was delighted with the results - from then on, she wanted to share these wonderful techniques with others.


  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • (Btec) Diploma in Advanced Health & Social Care
  • BSc (Hons) Social Psychology

Clinical Hypnotherapy. What is it?

Hypnotherapy aims to give you the tools to help you overcome such things as anxiety/depression, lack of self-belief, fears & phobias, insomnia, trauma, weight loss/ emotional eating, and to aid with confidence building, stopping smoking etc. It incorporates elements of Neuro-Linguistic Programming - (NLP), Mindfulness techniques and positive affirmations, which are included in the MP3 audios which are provided to each client to work on between treatments.

“As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner I love interacting with all my clients as this is a natural, safe, rapid, and highly effective type of therapy which has been proven to be successful. This therapy can help you with many of areas in your life. I love this very powerful way of helping you to get more of what you want, and to help you stop doing the things that you don’t want to.”

How does Hypnotherapy work?

This type of therapy helps you get to the root of the source or cause of deeply held beliefs. This is achieved by guiding you into a relaxing trance-like state, where your subconscious mind becomes susceptible for positive change.

Being in a trance is very relaxing, and can be described as the feeling of the stage between being awake and falling asleep. This is when you and the therapist are able to communicate directly with your unconscious mind, in order to help you to get the outcomes you want.

It can truly help you in a number of different areas in your life.

Which areas of my life may be helped?

Values – Our Values tend to be the part of our unconscious mind, and provide our motivation. We all have different values in our careers, relationships, family and health. You might be looking for help in prioritising, gaining, or strengthening some of these areas in your life.

Beliefs – These stem from our values. Some common negative beliefs that stop you from getting what you want in life include ‘I am not good enough’ and ‘I have failed before’. Such self-doubting beliefs hold us back in many areas of our life.

Skills & Capabilities – You might want to be different in certain situations; for example being more confident in social situations, or at work. Fear of standing up and speaking can limit us.

What can it help with?

Unwanted Behaviours – These may be bad habits such as smoking, overeating or procrastination.

Hypnotherapy gives you the power to unconsciously learn to overcome these behaviours. This is achieved by giving you the tools to help you overcome such things as anxiety/depression, lack of self-belief, fears & phobias, insomnia, trauma, weight loss/ emotional eating, and to aid with confidence building, stopping smoking etc.

It incorporates elements of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mindfulness techniques and positive affirmations, which are included in the MP3 audios which are provided to each client to work on between treatments.

Confidence freedom therapy package/ Anxiety management

Do you feel you lack in self-believe and or confidence, and feel it is affecting your happiness and success in life?

Do you feel ‘shy’ or maybe an event or series of events affected your confidence, and you are finding hard to get back?

Are you withdrawn or do you avoid social situations, to the point your heart races and you feel uncomfortable with debilitating thoughts run through your head?

Hypnotherapy is the key to unlocking the inner you that has always been there.

MP3 audio with affirmations and mindfulness techniques. 3x1 hour sessions package £140

Limiting beliefs

Often our conscious minds are aware that we may have some strong emotional hold on a certain belief that we know is quite wrong, but the emotional power of it prevents certain things from happening (as if the belief were true). These are beliefs that are highly emotionally charged: about who you are and what you can or cannot do.

1-2 £40 per hour sessions can help you to release these beliefs from your unconscious mind.


Hypnotherapy is one of the most common ways to overcome those exhausting restless nights. 2 sessions will help you say goodbye to the tossing and turning, resulting in a more relaxed, refreshed you.

2 sessions for 1 hour each - £80

Fears and phobias

Are fears or phobias withholding you from certain aspects of your life? This package will eliminate and free you from the negativity and fear that surrounds your life, providing you with the confidence and power to improve your self-esteem and general well-being.

4 sessions, advanced and highly effective package £160.

Weight loss

Gives you the power to feel more confident, healthy and attractive in your body, enabling you to relax about food so you can eat in a natural, healthy way.

Become free of having to think about food all the time, by reprogramming your mind to ‘think-slim’. This package also helps you to feel more energised and confident and includes a free MP3 audio, with positive affirmations and mindfulness techniques to use in-between treatments.

2 sessions at 1 hour each - £90

Quit smoking

Imagine how your life would be if you never wanted, nor desired a cigarette ever again. Hypnotherapy can help you achieve this. If you have a burning desire to kick this habit, and put out those cigarettes for good, then this hypnosis package is just for you.

This fast effective treatment includes a free MP3 audio to use in-between treatments in the comfort of your own home.

2 sessions at 1 hour each session - £95

(Additional top up sessions provided to clients at a discounted rate. Please note Hypnotherapy has the ability to treat an array of conditions, which can be discussed during a non-obligatory consultation.)

If you are interested in any of the above, please contact me, Sharee at the Centre for further information.


Arrange your free consultation with Sharee, an accredited therapist to see how hypnotherapy can help you over the phone or in person in a safe, tranquil, comfortable setting.


“I highly recommend Sharee McIntyre if you are considering hypnotherapy. I went for anxiety management and confidence building, and was amazed at how much more relaxed and positive I felt after just one session. Sharee creates a serene and tranquil environment which puts you immediately at ease. She is supportive and empowering, and has helped me to break negative thought patterns. I now feel more balanced, confident and better equipped to manage my emotions. A really worthwhile experience.” E.Martin

“Absolutely amazing experience. Totally tuned in and 100% effort given, will definitely be back.” L.Ferguson

“I trained with Sharee and throughout she was professional, knowledgeable and flexible. Highly recommended.” S.Breen

“Loved the treatment would advise a lot of people if they are stressed or annoyed to try it. It worked for me. ” B.Mcdonnell

“Fantastic experience I would highly recommend to anyone that suffers from anxiety, stress or nervous energy. Sharee is a fantastic person and makes you feel very comfortable. I will definitely return.” A.Donnelly

“Having worked with Sharee in the past and also planning to do more work with Sharee in the future i cannot recommend her highly enough. Sharee is one of the best in her field and will make you feel better on your first meeting with her. Anyone that has seen Sharee for anything will agree that she is one of the very best about.” H.Hegerty

“Fantastic experience loved every minute helped with stress and sleeping problems. Had never tried anything like this and truly helped will definitely be going back to ensure peaceful nights sleep and reducing stress thank you Sharee made me feel so at ease and comfortable.” S.Kealey

“Absolutely recommend Sharee at Unique to you therapys to anyone. Went to her for stress and anxiety relief and found her to be very calming and reassuring as well as courteous and professional. I was relaxed as soon as I entered her office and her sessions have worked wonders in my daily life. She has also given me exercises, which I have used to successfully manage my stress triggers. I honestly can't thank her enough for the positive changes she has made to my life.” M.Derry